Willowswind Whispering Elm JW ShCM 'Murphy'

Sire: SH CH Benvellyn Nephrite Jade Of Seaheart
Dam: Willowswind Mischief Maker
Date of Birth: 22nd July 2009
Hips: 3/4
Eyes: Glaucoma unaffected
PRA & Cataracts: Clear July 2011,2012, 2013, 2015
Coat Colour: Black carries Liver

fcrs 2012 3

Awards: Junior Warrant, Stud Book Number, Show Certificate of Merit

URC 2010 Open - Best Puppy In Breed
Swindon & District Open 2010- Best Puppy in Breed, PG3
FCRS Champ Show 2010 - Best Puppy Dog
Taunton & District Premier Open Show 2010- Best Puppy in Breed, PG4
FCRS Open Show 2010- Best Puppy in Show
Yeovil & District Open Show 2011 - Best of Breed
Taunton & District Premier Open Show 2011 - Best of Breed
Oxford & Thame Open Show 2011 - Reserve Best of Breed
Cheltenham & District Open 2012 - Best of Breed
Mid Western Gundog Open 2012 - Best of Breed
Swindon & District Open 2012 - Best of Breed & Group 3
Bristol & District Open 2012 - Best of Breed
Marlborough Open 2012 - Best of Breed & Group Group 1
Southern Counties Champ 2012 - 1st Post Grad
Southampton & District Open- Best of Breed & Group 3
East of England Champ 2012 - 1st Post Grad
Westbury & District Open 2012 - Best of Breed
Midland Counties Champ 2012 - 1st Post Grad
Yeovil & District Open 2012 - Best of Breed & Group 3
CRUFTS 2013 - 3rd Post Graduate

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Passport crop
Passport crop

Murphy is owned by both me and my mum. I had a soft spot for Murphy from day 1 but had not said anything just in case he wasn't the one we decided to keep. There was just something about him that made him stand out. He was also the one that was always found to be nibbling mum's ear lobe - he still does it now. I was so pleased when we chose Murphy as ours.

Murphy really is our loveable loon and likes nothing better than lots of snuggles. He has such a great personality and you can never be sad or mad for long when he is around. Murphy has several names amongst our flatcoat friends, Murphilicious being the main one, along with 'Smurph' and 'Monster Murph'. He fits all of these on occasion :0)

He adores his soft toys especially his purple octopus which we bought at one of his first championship shows and which he promptly carried back to the bench in the carrier bag. He always greets everyone with enormous enthusiasm and usually grabs their sleeves to help them on their way. He loves water which goes without saying really and will even sit in the bath awaiting his shower before a show.

He exceeded our expectations as a puppy especially as he was the first dog that we had owned that really enjoyed showing. He loves being in the ring and he just oozes the loveable personality that we adore. He is such an enormous character and we really do have a very special bond that I think anyone that sees us together cannot fail to understand. We were thrilled when he gained his Junior Warrant in December 2010 - our first homebred stud book number.

Murphy sired his first litter in September 2011 and his second in 2013.


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