Willowswind Flatcoated Retrievers  

Willowswind Summer Sorrel                22nd July 2011 - 4 Oct 2019 'Sorrel'

Owner:  Mrs T, Miss C Gale & Mr Roger Creasy

Sire:  SH CH Benvellyn Nephrite Jade Of Seaheart

Dam:  Willowswind Mischief Maker

Date of Birth:  22nd July 2009

Stud Book Number holder gained August 2015

Hips: 4/5

Eyes: Glaucoma unaffected

PRA & Cataracts:  Clear July 2011,2012, 2013

Awards:  Crufts qualified 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,  2014

Stud Book Number;  gained at SKC 2015

Ch Branchalwood Stroan JW


Ch Riversflight Inny



Ch Tom Thumb JW


Sh Ch Riversflight Mella



Ch Shargleam Kestrel JW


Wizardwood Black Magic Over Shiredale



Sh Ch Cleovine Derrynane


Sh Ch Shargleam Sedge Warbler JW

Ch Riversflight Marling to Pajanbeck





Riversflight Quishon to Pajanbeck





Ch Shiredale Magic and Mystery at Wistosa




Ch Shargleam Legend of Benvellyn

Benvellyn Athena

Ch Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves JW

SH CH Nephrite Jade of Seaheart


Waverton Toby Ale Of Varingo


Westbrook Burhou



Sh Ch Withybed Quartermaster of Huntersdale


Gunmakers Gift to Huntersdale



Exclyst Crackshot


Parsifal Puff



Leeglen Jazz FTA


Ravenhall Double Century

Sh Ch Westbrook Cinnabar




Ch Withybed Miss Montana






Parsifal Paris of Exclyst




Colleenor Ptarmigan

Sh Ch Withybed Drummer JW

Merry Mouse of Willowswind

Willowswind Mischief Maker

Sorrel is owned in partnership with  Roger Creasy. They put in all the hard work with training and caring for her and Courtney shows her.  Sorrel has been shown lighty but has always qualified for Crufts and in 2015 gained her stud book number at SKC.



Willowswind Summer Sorrel by Jane Creasy


Sorrel otherwise known as Sassy Sorrel because this describes her character exactly. She arrived in July 2009 and was the second Flatcoat who had taken over our home permanently.


Inca was the first flattie to join us in 2002 but left us all too early in November 2008. We loved and lost our beloved Inca, but met Tracey through her professional capacity at our vets and since then shared a great deal with Shaun, Lauren, Courtney, Willow, Echo, Murphy and Maia . Unable to say anything coherent at our first meeting with Tracey we did leave with her promising to contact us when she was about to embark on her first litter of puppies with Echo and Jacob . Time passed and the day came and Tracey called to say we had started the journey until Sorrel, sister to Murphy entered our lives.We never looked back and increased our own Flatcoat family plus an extended one. Sharing five Flatcoats is often a riot!!


Good job we had learned at least something from our experience with Inca (Rosslake Royal Oak of Larksdown).  Her mum Jess and sister Indy often having manic times when all three were together. After Inca died we continued regularly looking after Jess and Indy until the right time came for us to welcome Sorrel, a bundle of spiky fur and full of attitude, yes even then! Sorrel was lovable, funny, spunky, with an abundance of character and then some! Add to this intelligence to work things out to her advantage by fair means or foul she still continues to keep us on our toes to this day.


So our Sassy Sorrel had arrived and she was a blast in all ways. Although adorable, Sorrel has proved to be a challenge to train and often felt in the early days she would train us!  No luck there then as she had met her match in me. Her closeness to us never waivers and is never happier than when she is with one of us, leaning against us or sat on our feet or walking nearby. Chasing a ball and only giving it up if it is to her advantage or racing around for the shear fun of it, that's our girl.


Now in 2014 Sorrel is approaching 5 years old and has continued to be our sassy girl but has become an accomplished show girl and achieved quiet success. We were late starters preparing for the show ring. My words to Tracey at the very beginning of our journey when we discussed us having a puppy was ' we are not really into dog shows we just want a pet'  Nothing more was said until Tracey 'wondered' whether I would enter Sorrel into the FCRS show on 3rd April 2011 and she together with Courtney would take her and show her. Result with Sorrel winning a placing and we were hooked! We have continued to enjoy and share the dog shows helped not only by Tracey & Courtney but also by new friends such as Gill Smitherman, Ann Kilminster and Jane Jones and  many others who we have been benched alongside us who continued to encourage and support us and know that once in love with Flatcoat's its with you for life. 'Naughty but nice mates for life'.