Willowswind Flatcoated Retrievers  

Willowswind Orions Stars


Owner:  Co-owned with Mr Roger and Mrs Jane Creasy

Sire:  Greenbayhill Black Tuxedo

Dam:  Willowswind Mischief Maker

Date of Birth:  2nd November 2011

Hips: 3:5

Eyes: Gonioscopy unaffected

PRA & Cataracts:  Clear August 2013

Coat Colour:  

Awards; 3 x RCC  - Richmond 2015, NGA, 2016, Flatcoated Retriever Club of Scotland 2018

Crufts qualified for life.  3rd Graduate Crufts 2015

UK Stud Book Number.  Richmond 2015

Willowswind Orions Stars by Jane Creasy


Willowswind Orions Stars also known as  Hunter joined Sorrel and us in the middle of a building site in January 2012! He took it all in his stride, the mud and chaos of the following five months, escaping only a couple of times to greet the builders.  Hunter found a bark at six months that left our builder determined to give him a wide birth and keep a wary eye on the gate as an escape route!


Sorrel immediately adopted Hunter as her own making sure he knew who was boss.  Hunter was our cuddly, gentle, willing but whyly round chunky teddy bear. Handsome Hunter, as we nicked name him then, was beautifully formed with a liberal amount of cheeky arrogance portrayed in the way he held his head and stood so naturally. He was a show boy from day one!


Our boy was a happy puppy and a jolly adolescent so we eagerly await the cheerful man when he gets there which hopefully will not be for a long time to come. Hunter blossomed and has done well gaining many placings over the past couple of years and has been a total pleasure to train, run and show...... when he can remember what he is supposed to do! Courtney Gale you are going to have your work cut out in the show ring. Hunters nick name now has become Hunter Bailey as he posed and enjoyed having his photograph taken. His laid back, gentle easy going nature, with surprising strength during his mad moments lolloping like a bull in a china shop makes him a funny and adorable easy member of our household.  Time has caught up with us and he has developed a keen interest and persistent  admirer of the 'ladies'.


At first his indifference to overdoing himself with too much exertion led to Sorrel taking  the upper hand. Things have changed as he as has matured, gaining speed with youth on his side he now holds his own. If Hunter has learned little else, he has become canny often working out a 'plan' to scupper Sorrel from taking all the toys at once and guarding them. Hunter sometimes takes the advantage position ..... well that is if he can remember what it was planning to do!  His beautiful head pings from side to side and looks at you with his deep brown eyes with a look that says 'Duh'.Where was I going? or What was I supposed to do? Hunters nickname is currently Bungalow which roughly translated means there is nobody upstairs! Shaun Gale we hold you responsible for this one!


We eagerly look forward to the mature Hunter as he steadies up to capitalise on his earlier success in order to reach his full potential in the show ring. It will be an interesting journey.  


Joking aside both Roger and I have thrived and enjoy having two Flatcoats that are so different who are happy to live with us who are equally different and individual folk who have moments of madness and lapse of memory.


Sh Ch Branchalwood Strathybay JW


Benvellyn Saffiro of Colona


Waybeyond Rough Justice for Cleovine


Benvellyn Athena SDC A


Ch Riversflight Marling to Pajanbeck SGWC


Riversflight Qishon to Pajanbeck JW


Loch Na Keal of Glen Sheallag at Branchalwood

(Imp Fra)

Sh Ch Steelriver Catch the Breeze

Colona Strathmore of Daicheil




Benvellyn Cape Reed Warbler JW




Ch Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves JW, SDC A, SGWC




Sh Ch Steelriver Summer Winds JW

Steelriver Sunny Day at Greenbayhill

Benvellyn Cape Columbard of Daicheil JW

Greenbayhill Black Tuxedo


Waverton Toby Ale Of Varingo


Westbrook Burhou


Sh Ch Withybed Quartermaster of Huntersdale


Gunmakers Gift to Huntersdale


Exclyst Crackshot


Parsifal Puff


Leeglen Jazz FTA


Ravenhall Double Century

Sh Ch Westbrook Cinnabar




Ch Withybed Miss Montana




Parsifal Paris of Exclyst




Colleenor Ptarmigan

Sh Ch Withybed Drummer JW

Merry Mouse of Willowswind

Willowswind Mischief Maker