Willowswind Flatcoated Retrievers  

Murphy's 2nd Litter

Casanjay Ruby Tuesday for Madelea x Willowswind Whispering Elm JW


Born 25th July 2013

Tasha is a lovely bitch who is a very calm happy and friendly girl.  She lives happily with an older Flatcoat and four cats.  She enjoys frequent visits from our granddaughters.  She is regularly placed at championship shows and loves to retrieve - also loves to steal tea towels!  


Tasha gave birth to 2 boys and 9 girls on 25th July 2013.  Tasha is doing a fantastic job in rearing them especially as it it is her first litter.  Marlene and Alan are hoping to keep one tho undecided as yet whether it will be a dog or a bitch.  We look forward to visiting soon.

Casanjay Ruby Tuesday for Madelea  x Willowswind Whispering Elm JW


5339104165_8d1f74a599_o tasha2