Willowswind Flatcoated Retrievers  

Maia's 1st Litter

Willowswind Maias Wish x Int Ch Fiete vom Wildfoerstersee


Born 9th March 2016

We had been looking for a dog that would compliment Maia for some time and most of what we liked in the UK was quite close with our breeding lines and we felt we wanted to go to a complete outcross.  Fiete ticked all our boxes on our wish list for a sire for her and thankfully Anna-Victoria Schmidt agreed for us to use him.  


Maia being Maia didn't come into season at the time we expected and we eventually made the whirlwind  trip to Germany on January 10th.  Many many thanks go to Gill Smitherman for the fabulous driving and to Courtney for keeping us fed and watered.  Unfortunately Anna was away but we were welcomed by Fiete's co-owner Dieter and his wife and all went well.  Fiete is a fabulous boy with the most wonderful temperament At 4 weeks we had Maia scanned and was told that there were at least 4 puppies, however we expected more as she was huge.


Maia ate for England and for Germany  too and took everything in her stride, and on the 9th March 2016 at midday without very much warning at all she went into labour.  12 hours later we had a beautiful litter of 8 boys and 5 girls all black , sadly number 14 was stillborn.


The litter will be named after a combination of German and UK rivers and we will be keeping a girl to hopefully show.  One will be going to live with Murphy's sister and many will be quite local so hopefully lots of puppy playdates.




Willowswind Maias Wish x Int CH Fiete vom Wildfoerstersee


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