Willowswind Flatcoated Retrievers  

Echo's 2nd Litter

Willowswind Mischief Maker x Greenbayhill Black Tuxedo


Born 2nd November 2011

SDC10018 - Copy

We had been looking for another mate for Echo with Ann Kilminster's and Gill Smitherman's help had been looking at pedigrees of possible dogs that would be compatible with her.   We knew we liked what Echo produced last time so was keen to keep to similar lines.  We had been up against Jura on numerous occasions in the ring with Murphy and just fell in love with his zest for life and his overall quality. As with Jacob we thought he looked absolutely stunning  and just oozed personality and was just what we were looking for.  We cannot thank Roy and Rosemary Douglas enough for allowing us to use Jura.


Echo was mated to the gorgeous Jura in August 2011.  She gave birth overnight on the 2nd November  to 5 black boys and 7 black girls.  


We decided on star theme for the litter as our very dear friend passed away in the June and everything about her was stars.  She had been so excited about the prosepctive litter and so we thought this way she would always be with us.  The litter is named after constellations and as there were 7 girls and there is a constellation called the seven sisters we decided we would call the one we kept Maia - brightest star in the constellation.


We had decided before they were born that we were going to keep a girl from this litter as Willow was getting older and this was Echo's last litter.


And so arrived Maia- Willowswind Maias Wish - Maia.   Jane and Roger Creasy were brave and had a boy from this litter to join his half sister Sorrel from Echo's first litter.  And Willowswind Phoenix - Merlin found a show home with Heather and Viv Gardner.  We look forward to how they will all progress

Willowswind Mischief Maker x Greenbayhill Black Tuxedo


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